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I have installed some packages in sublime text 3, packages like: latextools, latexing, latex-plus ... among others.

Each of the packages has an advantage, but I have the following problem: more than one snippet is repeated.

For example:

one solution I came up with was to enter the same directory of each package and edit the tabTrigger of each snippet (it turned out), another solution was to erase, copy or move some snippets inside user directory, I also found some.

But there are some snippets that I can not find. Even look for them with the Ctrl + Shit + F function, but nothing.

So my question is:

  • Is there a way to manage duplicate snippets?
asked by Robles 09.06.2016 в 00:56

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After reviewing the network, I found the solution to my problem, which I share. There is a package called: PackageResourceViewer which I installed and performed the following steps:


where Package Resource Viewer > Open Resource , in my particular case look for LaTeX , and within Snippets , in which I list all the snippet that comes by default when installing sublime (the which as I understand it is not possible to access), then look for the snippet that generates problems for me, for example section -..- (section) .sublime-snippet and I open and edit it and I save it Packages / LaTeX / section -..- (section) .sublime-snippet, this, either with the same or different tabtigger and ready is no longer repeated.

Good with this solve my problem, surely it can be applied to other languages.

answered by 09.07.2016 в 11:27