Print a floating point in an assembler NASM


I'm doing a small program for a University course, they asked us to calculate the Golden number and then print it on the screen, we already have the calculation, now the drawback is that we do not know how to get that number from the FPU and print it as a ASCII , we used the FST/FIST instruction to store it in memory but at the time of checking its value with a debugger it changes to its representation in Hexadecimal , which the CPU transforms into another decimal value, if someone knows how to print it as a ASCII or knows another way to do it, I'd appreciate it.

This is a bit of the code we are implementing:

section .bss

numero_aureo resb 1

section .data

;numeros necesarios para calcular el numero aureo
x   dd  1
y   dd  5.0
z   dd  2

section .text

    global _start


;calculo del numero aureo

    fld     dword[y]    ;carga el 5 a la FPU
    fsqrt               ;saca la raiz de 5
    fiadd   dword[x]    ;suma el 1
    fidiv   dword[z]    ;divide entre 2 
    fst     dword[numero_aureo]

esto es lo que me da el debugger:

Breakpoint 4, 0x08048097 in t4 ()

(gdb) info float 

=>R7: Valid   0x3fffcf1bbcdcbfa53e0b +1.618033988749894848        
  R6: Empty   0x00000000000000000000  
  R5: Empty   0x00000000000000000000  
  R4: Empty   0x00000000000000000000  
  R3: Empty   0x00000000000000000000  
  R2: Empty   0x00000000000000000000  
  R1: Empty   0x00000000000000000000  
  R0: Empty   0x00000000000000000000

Status Word:         0x3820                  PE                        

                       TOP: 7

Control Word:        0x037f   IM DM ZM OM UM PM  
                       PC: Extended Precision (64-bits)  
                       RC: Round to nearest

Tag Word:            0x3fff

Instruction Pointer: 0x00:0x00000000  
Operand Pointer:     0x00:0x00000000  
Opcode:              0x0000

(gdb) continue 


Breakpoint 5, 0x0804809d in fin ()  
(gdb) print numero_aureo   
$1 = 1070537661  
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