I can not log on to Facebook on a UWP App


I'm running a Windows Phone 8.1 App to UWP .

The app 8.1 published, log in to Facebook with windowsazure.mobileservices .

In UWP I'm trying to use FacebookService ( link ), but using the ID that I used before, I do not get it, even in the App demo toolkit , putting that ID that continues to work with the App 8.1 , I always get the same message, Why does this happen?:


You are not logged in: You have not logged in. Log in   try again.

This is my code:

// Initialize service
FacebookService.Instance.Initialize("FacebookAppId", FacebookPermissions.PublishActions);

// Login to Facebook
if (!await FacebookService.Instance.LoginAsync())
asked by Panzer Ihnen 22.10.2016 в 17:40

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