Query about the web address that you see in the browser bar


I have a shared hosting and all the domains are inside the public_html folder Within that folder there are several subfolders.

I know I have to modify something in the htaccess, but I do not find that

My page is inside public_html inside another folder called "wp"

What I want is that when people enter the site, in the navigation bar say www.godis.com.ar and not www.godis.com.ar/wp

The only thing I can achieve is from the hosting, so when people put www.godis.com.ar, they redirect it to www.godis.com.ar/wp

Now how do I do it so that people do not see the / ps or the main page or at any time that is browsing the page ???


asked by Leandro 27.02.2018 в 21:16

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I had the same problem. In my hosting it is a file that goes inside the folder public_html. It's called as well you say .htaccess . You can force access via https using the .htaccess file, if you do not have one, there is no problem, you can add a new one. Also from the panel from access to SSL forcing SSL. I create the file, I think that in your hosting they will tell you what you should put in it, because I do not know if what I put will work for you. Three lines are created: one- two- 3- One below the other and with the data, leaving no gap between the lines. Test if they tell you what to put in the file, if we do not try to find mine. Good luck.

answered by 27.02.2018 в 21:53