how to edit netCDF file using python? generate another .nc only with a part of the original? [closed]


I am new with python and even more with netCDF. My situation is the next... I must download the .nc files generated by the ASCAT (wind information on the sea). Available at / ascat / preview / L2 / metop_a / 25km / / year / day

Using the python library NETCDF4, which I have already installed and running .. I must open the downloaded file, and so to say "cut it." taking only data between 0 to 90 degrees south latitude. 0 to 140 degrees west longitude.

Then ... I download the file, I should open it and generate another one where only the data of this region is ... any help that you can give me to do this, I will thank you very much !! Greetings!

asked by Mr Pepa 19.05.2016 в 21:11

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