"sun.net.www.protocol.ftp.FtpURLConnection can not be cast to java.net.HttpURLConnection" when connecting to an FTP server in Eclipse


I have a problem with Eclipse when connecting it to an ftp server.

I have my project, which, I want to be synchronized with git (I already have the plugin installed). This plugin works correctly as long as it is synchronized with a repository either in GitHub or bitbucket, etc.

The problem comes when I want to connect the plugin with an ftp.

In the parameters I have the following:

When I give Next, I get the following error:

Does anyone know what it can be? Thank you.

asked by str_lml 05.01.2016 в 13:37

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In your URI configuration:

ftp://user:[email protected]/mag.git

delete the protocol since you have it defined as ftp , it only deals with: URI :

user:[email protected]/mag.git

answered by 29.01.2016 в 19:20