Would my PHP structure be fine, or would it cause possible errors in the future? [closed]


I've been learning php for a while, and I've considered creating a more serious project.

I'm still making prototypes of structuring the project, and for the moment, of all the ones I've done, it's based on this.

Now that you have seen what the image of the prototype looks like, I explain to you that it does everything.


I forgot to say, that the design, is the typical administration.
  Here is an example - > link



  This file contains the main template of the project:
  Scripts, css, etc (Basically the structure of the html)


  It would be a simple list

<ul><li><a href="#Pagina=Tareas">Tareas</a></li></ul>

Example: Tasks.php
  It would be one of the content files

File structure

The basic structure would be the following:

  • Assets (Design resources, scripts, images, etc ...)
    - > Main.js
    - > Main.css
    - > ...
  • Content (Content of the web pages)
    - > Index.php
    - > Tareas.php
    - > Settings.php
    - > ...
  • Uploads (Contains all uploaded files)
    - > img1.png
    - > Document.docx
  • Data (Contains data files in json format)
    - > Users.json
    - > Menu.json
    - > ...

NOTE: All requests are made with ajax

My question is:

Could this file structure give me errors?

asked by Ruben-PX 03.01.2019 в 00:53

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