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I made a Facebook application that I linked to my site with the PHP SDK v5 on Facebook, with this application the user logs on to my site and I give him the option to publish on my site, while it is published on the site. site is shared in certain groups in which the user has to be united so you can share your newly created post, everything goes well from the moment you log on to my site until you post and share on facebook, what happens is that the links they are crossed out when they are shared, I leave you a capture.

Does anyone know why this happens and how can I fix it?

EDIT: Hello again here commenting on the results, what I did was to verify the application, for it Facebook asked me to enter a url of privacy policy of my site where it will explain the use that is given to the data obtained with the aplecacion, des therefore of that also had to send the application to a review and this had to do by means of a video where he explained how the application worked with my website since facebook does not want us to use the application to publish without the user's consent, did everything mentioned and they approved the application, but to my surprise after all this they continued appearing the crossed out texts :( I did not give up and I realized that very probably it did not have to do with facebook, I went to my mobile and I checked the post on facebook and as I suspected on the phone the crossed out texts did not appear, then I went to my computer and opened the same facebook post but in a different browser this time in chrome, and tamp oco there were texts crossed out, I realized that only in the browser Firefox passed the crossed out texts so I set out to find out why, it does not take long for me to realize that I had the extension for firefox of Adblock that extension that removes certain publicity of the web, and in effect when deactivating the extension stop seeing the crossed out texts. Thanks for your help!

asked by Jose Rodriguez 03.04.2016 в 08:32

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Check your application, I think you're adding those words "crossed out" in <strike> and </strike> .

In this way you can "scratch" the texts, this is an example:

<p><b>Mihai Eminescu</b>
<p>De-acuma nu te-oi mai vedea,
Rămâi, <strike>rămâi, cu bine!
Mă voi feri în calea mea</strike>
De tine.

<p><strike>De astăzi dar tu fă ce vrei,
De astăzi nu-mi mai pasă</strike>
Că cea mai dulce-ntre femei
Mă lasă.
answered by 03.04.2016 в 16:38