Git from command line in windows 7 can not create folder 'could not create /home/username/.ssh'


In a new installation of git, when the keys are set and everything using tortoise git the repositories are cloned correctly. also the pull and push command works without problems.

However, when you open a command line to do that, when you run git pull (from a cmd, power shell or mingw), throw an error similar to the following. The error is in the lack of access to the folder

The folder is created in the required path (c: \ users \ u40497.ssh) however it does not recognize it as valid.

The permissions are correct and the windows are open as administrators. The keys are correct, because from tortoise they work. The HOME and HOMEPATH environment variables point to the correct paths.

What is happening that does not recognize that folder as valid?

asked by gbianchi 08.08.2017 в 20:58

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For some reason, your installation of use, you'll have them what to copy to C:\Program Files\Git\home\u40497\.ssh .

Another option would be to teach

answered by 08.08.2017 / 21:09