Change the font to comic sans in the Visual Studio editor


I need to change the default font that Visual Studio brings, I want to use a better typeface to program as comic sans . You can help me.

I know that in eclipse if it can be changed, as this question says How to change the type and default font size of IDE ECLIPSE

asked by jasilva 28.12.2017 в 16:40

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Choose Tools - > Options.

In the list of options, choose Environment, Sources and colors.

In the Show settings for list, choose Environment source.

Alli you appreciate the sources and choose the one you like.

Comic Sans MS is the one you mention.

answered by 28.12.2017 в 16:48

To change the font type in the Visual Studio editor, from the menu open the sequence:

Tools (Tools) > Options (Options)

select the section Environment (Environment) and the element Fonts and Colors (Fonts and colors):

In the case of the code select the option "Plain Text" (plain text), which will be used in the code and then the font type "Comic Sans MS" :

This way you can use the Comic Sans MS source you want to use to program:

answered by 12.01.2018 в 20:19