How to get the number of times a word is repeated in MYSQL


How can I get the number of times the word "false" is repeated, in a column from mysql.


id |  read  |
1  | false  |
2  | true   |
3  | false  |
4  | false  |

total = 3 times

I tried to make the query like this:

    $query = mysqli_query($connect, "SELECT 
(length(read)-length(replace(read ,'false','')))/5 as COUNT   
FROM  ge_mensajes_col");

    $cant = mysqli_fetch_array($query);

    $json = '{"newMSJ": [';

        $char ='"';

        $json .= 

    // buat menghilangkan koma diakhir array
    $json = substr($json,0,strlen($json)-1);
    $json .= ']}';
    // print json
    echo $json; 

But it does not work for me, I do not get the amount in the Json, it shows me empty.

asked by Rick 15.09.2018 в 21:11

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From the MySQL console, to get the number of times the   word false is repeating would be enough to do the following

SELECT COUNT(read) AS Total 
FROM nombreTabla
WHERE read = 'false';
  • What I did was that the aggregation function COUNT() would pass the name of the column where I need the count to be made.
  • Later so that you only return me as many times as the word false is repeated, I use a WHERE at the end where I indicate that only do the count where the word is equal to false
  • I leave this functional example where I put into practice the theory that explains you


    How does the aggregation function COUNT() work?


    The aggregation function COUNT() will return the total number of   rows that meet a certain condition

    answered by 15.09.2018 в 21:23

    If you want to count them all in a single query, try this:

    SELECT 'reader', COUNT('reader') 
    FROM ge_mensajes_col
    GROUP BY 'reader'

    The "GROUP BY" helps to group the records of a column, in this case it groups by reader .

    answered by 15.09.2018 в 22:55

    This solution is very simple and will help you count the rows that contain the word false in the column read I see that you are using php Then it would be using mysqli_num_rows to get the rows that meet the condition WHERE read LIKE '%false%'

    $sql = "SELECT read FROM ge_mensajes_col WHERE read LIKE '%false%'   ";
    $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql);
    echo mysqli_num_rows($result) 
    answered by 15.09.2018 в 23:11