How to create a personalized anchored shortcut?


My question or current problem is that I want to be able to create a direct access on the screen (currently as I could see in the documentation is called anchored access) that allows the user to activate a voice recorder by simply stepping on or dragging the icon (direct access) that will be on one of the sides of the screen without having to access directly to my application, an example of what I want to achieve is that of the cleaner
DU Speed Booster & Optimizer
which brings a function called one-touch optimization from a spaceship icon that you drag to the center of the screen and it shoots with an animation. This is what I want to achieve, but instead of a flying spaceship it will be an icon of a microphone (this is what I mean by custom).

I apologize for not presenting a bit of code is that I do not know much about this issue and the only thing I have so far is what the documentation offers. If you have an idea, suggestion or correction, please tell me.

Thank you and I await your help.

asked by Abraham.P 31.10.2018 в 00:14

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If I do not understand it, what you are looking for is a floating element that you can move around the screen.

I leave you a tutorial Android Floating Widget

Or if you only want the element to be floating in your application, you can use the following component Assertive-touch

Very easy to implement and customize

public class DemoApplication extends Application {

public void onCreate() {

    ATButton.setup(this) ;

answered by 05.11.2018 / 09:46