to use to generate pdf with c #


Sorry, I need to generate the format of a Mayan calendar with c #, it is formed by images and I do not know what I can use to do it, it is not a database report, there are 10 images that I need to print. it's something a format like this link

asked by eddy_1304 23.02.2016 в 02:38

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One widely-used library to generate pdf in .net is iTextSharp

iTextSharp - Working with images

PdfWriter.GetInstance(doc, new FileStream(pdfpath + "/Images.pdf", FileMode.Create));

doc.Add(new Paragraph("GIF"));

Image gif = Image.GetInstance(imagepath + "/nombreimagen.gif");

It is quite simple to understand the code, just add an image in the paragraph of the pdf. In the article you will find more examples with other image formats.

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is a library with an impressive number of functions and very easy to use. I recommend using it, because you can customize the document the way you want.

Here you can find a basic development tutorial. - > Creating PDF file with iTextSharp

Likewise from there you can download the necessary libraries.

Good luck! : D

answered by 20.05.2016 в 18:43