Can I use MySQL Server and PostgreSQL at the same time without port conflicts or other problems?


Sorry to ask you this but I have hardly any knowledge on this subject.

I'm doing a project on Spring Roo and gvNIX using IDE Eclipse. I have seen tutorials that use Postgre SQL to do certain actions and examples how to use GEO components, I need to install MYSQL Server in order to manage the database that my project uses.

I also downloaded WAMP Server for other tests I did with PHP on other projects.

I do not know if all this can cause some kind of problems between ports or other events.

asked by Sin Nombre 09.05.2016 в 18:12

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I do not know if all this can cause some kind of problems between ports or other events

Normally not. MySQL uses port 3306 by default and PostgreSQL uses port 5432 by default. In addition, Java application servers use port 8080 by default while Apache uses port 80 by default. You should not experience complications when using these applications.

However, consider that WAMP installs MySQL, you may have already installed MySQL previously, so you can ignore the MySQL module that WAMP brings and use the one you already have in configured to avoid problems.

Finally, in the strange case that conflicts arise with the ports, you can always change the port used by the default application. Consider that in a real production environment the minimum you have to do with your database engines is to have them installed on your own server and possibly change the default port, as well as change the passwords of the administrator users, for security reasons and of performance.

answered by 09.05.2016 в 18:17

Spring Roo generates Spring applications, so you can perfectly use 2 Datasources in your application.


I hope it helps.

answered by 10.05.2016 в 17:09

Sorry for my lack of experience, I just realized that having installed Wamp Server I can use Php MyAdmin from the web browser to manage the database MySQL they have installed and use it in the tools Spring Roo and Gvnix to store the data of my projects.

answered by 16.05.2016 в 00:54