How to change the text "It is safe" that comes out when your page has SSL


I have a few pages with an SSL certificate installed and when you enter from Chrome there is a green padlock next to the text "It's safe". Browsing the Internet I have seen that some pages like the Police ( link ) in the place of "Is safe" appears "General Directorate of the Police [ES] ". The question is is it possible to stop my pages from leaving "It is safe" so that another text will appear, as it happens on the Police page.

Thanks in advance.

asked by Gonzalo 14.03.2018 в 20:17

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Depends on how much you are willing to pay for the security certificate.

In fact what happens is that there are different levels of SSL certificates, and to illustrate I will use GoDaddy :


Standard Domain Validation SSL


Perfect for personal websites and blogs.

A simple certificate, all it does is encrypt data traffic between the client (visitor's browser) and the server. With this, you get the padlock and the browser will accept the protocol https .


Deluxe organization validation SSL


Ideal for informational websites only: education, non-profit organizations, etc.

These certificates serve to give more "tranquility" to the visitor, since with these a validation is required by the party issuing the certificate (for the case, GoDaddy) that the owner of the site is who he claims to be.


Premium Extended Validation SSL


Recommended for web stores. Presents the green address bar that buyers are looking for.

These certificates are more expensive, but they show the name of the entity that owns the domain, therefore they require the owner to prove who they say they are. With this you earn the "green bar" and the name you want to display, which is what you want to get.


What you want does not depend on programming, but on the certificate that you install on your site. This is because on the internet you can not trust anyone, so if you want to do delicate operations, there must be more filters that prevent you, for example, losing your money.

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They are called extended validation certificates, the name of the organization is displayed in green in the address bar, in addition to being more secure certificates.

You can see more info in the following links (I'm not promoting these brands) that have good info


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