in PHP get the 25th day of the previous month


Month I would like to be able to select in my query the 25th day of the month before the present, regardless of whether we are at 2 or 27 in the current month, for example
something like:
Today's day 07/27/2018

<?=$date; ?>

Result of $ date


e used the query:

$lastday = date('t',strtotime('last month'));

What results in the last day of last month but I want to get the day (25), month (previous to present) and year (present year)

asked by claus 27.07.2018 в 23:55

1 answer


Questions for the previous month with month and year and add the day you want as a previous string in php .

echo "25-".date("m-Y", strtotime("- 1 month"));
answered by 28.07.2018 / 00:13