iframe does not auto-reproduce on screen responsive mode


I have the following iframe with autoplay, in my Google Chrome normal mode it plays perfect, but if I enable the development tools and put the screen in responsive mode, it stops auto-playing, leaving only the preview of the video with the play button in the middle.

I have not been able to verify if this really happens in mobile browsers, does anyone know if it really does not work and, if so, what should I do to auto-reproduce?

My iframe:

<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0dbig-gLoCo?controls=0&showinfo=0&rel=0&autoplay=1&loop=1&playlist=0dbig-gLoCo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
asked by ZyMonogatari 26.04.2017 в 09:16

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On mobile devices (Android and iOS) this feature does not work, apparently to avoid unsolicited downloads through cell phone networks on behalf of the user. This warning appears on this page: Youtube player API reference


Autoplay and scripted playback


On some mobile browsers (such as Chrome and Safari), the HTML5% <video> item only allows playback if it is initiated by user interaction (for example, by playing on the player).


Due to this restriction, functions and parameters such as autoplay , playVideo() , loadVideoById() do not work in all mobile environments.

answered by 26.04.2017 / 09:23