Update Android Studio 2.3 and have error Can not resolve symbol AppCompatActivity - Support v7 libraries are not recognized?


I just updated the Android studio de 2.3 and it marks me as error Cannot resolve symbol AppCompatActivity - Support v7 libraries aren't recognized? but compile and run the app, without any problem, that is, it seems that something was deconfigured and it marks me error in many lines.

I have tried the typical clean/build clean the project and go back to build, but it keeps showing me some lines with errors.

asked by Webserveis 03.03.2017 в 15:24

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Many details that have arisen when updating both support libraries and Android Studio, in this case invalidates the cache :

answered by 03.03.2017 / 18:09

Another solution can be in " Gradle Scripts/build.gradle(Module:app) ". In the last line (highlighted in bold) you only need to delete a number and rewrite it as you had before deleting.

androidTestImplementation 'com.android.support.test.espresso:espresso core:3.0.1'
  • After this, Android Studio will show you an option called "Synchronize".
  • Select it and wait for it to recharge.
answered by 06.03.2018 в 23:56

delete the directory .idea of the application, then in the file menu give it to invalidate cache and restart:

It is very important that you delete the .idea directory before doing this.

answered by 04.05.2018 в 13:23

Check if compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion have the same value

The other thing that can work is adding buildtoolsversion 26.0.2

answered by 07.03.2018 в 01:20