If you sign an APK if you do a build afterwards, it stays recorded?


I have a question, once I have clicked on Generate Sign APK and I create the APK, when I want to go after adding code to the application and I want to generate the APK again I have to click on Generate Sign APK again so that I can I have to assign the key again or I am already recorded and only pulse build apk ??

asked by Eric Retamero 25.10.2016 в 19:38

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The option:


Generate Signed APK ...

is to sign the .apk using a Keystore, it is usually the key with which you would sign your applications for the Playstore.

If you wish to re-sign your .APK you must use the Generate Signed APK again option, because when you build your .APK again it is signed with a DEBUG Keystore ( the previous signature is not maintained !).

If you only use the option


Build APK ...

your application will only be signed with the Debug Keystore and would not be an application intended for the playstore.

answered by 25.10.2016 / 21:08

The first time you create an APK you will ask for registration, but then use that same registry for the other APKs so it is not necessary to re-register another key, just give it to generate apk and you will be created in the project folder from android / app / build / outputs / apk

answered by 25.10.2016 в 20:15

You must Generate the signed APK every time you are going to create a new version to publish. If you clicked Generate Signed APK and before publishing it, you realized that it was necessary to add a change, you will have to do this process again to generate the APK with those latest changes. If you already published a version of your APK in the Play Store and make changes to the code, you will have to change the versionName of this new APK in the build.gradle file (module app) that you are going to create, as well as the versionCode, since they can not match in the Play Store these values of the APK that is published and the new APK that you are going to publish.

answered by 26.10.2016 в 18:34