How to get the elements of a list by pairs in python [closed]


I have this list in python


How can I get the elements by pairs stored in a list of tuples. In this way:

asked by Carlos Cardoso 04.09.2016 в 20:54

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A generic solution to obtain tuples of N items from a list:

def troceo(lista, n):
    return list(zip(*[iter(lista)]*n))

Explanation by parts:

  • iter(lista) gets an iterator from the list
  • [iter(lista)]*n creates a list of length n using the same repeated iterator
  • zip(*[iter(lista)]*n) passes the list as an argument, equivalent to passing n times the iterator. That is, zip(*[it]*2) equals zip(it,it)
  • list(zip(*[iter(lista)]*n)) convert the result to a list (in python3, zip returns another iterator)
answered by 05.09.2016 / 00:14

I was able to solve it using the zip function.

lista = [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h]

Generation of a list consisting of tuples using the zip function

zipped = zip(lista[0::2], lista[1::2]) 

Result for zipped:

answered by 04.09.2016 в 21:31