Problem when trying to execute the sudo apt-get update command


I have just installed the distribution Linux linux 18.3 and I have not installed or moved anything at all. I just try to run the sudo apt-get update command to update the system packages and when running the command it generates the following problem:


W: The repository 'cdrom: // Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia - Release amd64 20171124 xenial Release' does not have a Release file.N: Data   from such a repository can not be authenticated and is therefore not   Wow!   repository creation and user configuration details.E: Failed to fetch   cdrom: // Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia - Release amd64   20171124 / dists / xenial / contrib / binary-i386 / Packages Please use   apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update can not   used to add new CD-ROMs: Some index files failed to download. They   have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

asked by Jhon Dember Murillo Mendez 09.05.2018 в 15:26

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Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list and comment the line where the cdrom appears

You should have other uncommented lines of this type

deb distribution component1 component2 component3
deb-src distribution component1 component2 component3

Which are the ones that are going to be useful to you

answered by 09.05.2018 в 15:32

What happened is that you made an installation from a CD from which the repositories were loaded, what you should do now is run

vi /etc/apt/sources.list 

Then move to the line where it says cdrom and comment it, to do so you must press i and then #

to exit you must press the ESC key next: and then write wq! to save the changes, all this must be as root

answered by 09.05.2018 в 15:53

A possible "graphic" solution without manually editing the files would be using:

  • application launcher - > Install new applications (software manager)

  • In the software manager , enter the Edit menu that will open another options window.

  • In the new window Origins of the software you have 4 sections to change the origin of your installed packages and a maintenance section (to repair possible errors). In your particular case it should be sufficient to deactivate the installation CDROM that is in the section of additional repositories

If your problem is that you do not get to open the graphical environment then the solution will be to manually edit the file sources.list that Kyrie001 has previously indicated to you.

answered by 09.05.2018 в 16:07