Error 216 when creating a project in Android Studio


I have installed Android Studio but I get the following error when creating a project:


Error: CreateProcess error = 216, This version of% 1 is not compatible with   the version of Windows you are running. Check the information of   computer system and then contact the advertiser of   software

According to the requirements for Android Studio I comply with the necessary hardware, I have a 32-bit system and I execute the .exe for 32 bits but still the same error keeps coming out.

Android Studio 2.2 version

Thank you very much for your attention and answers.

asked by Fabian 25.09.2016 в 22:05

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This detail is not exclusive to Android 2.2, the solution in this case is to manually change the path of the JDK.

Enter the File > Project Structure > SDK Location

In your system you must recognize the path and configure it:

On Windows:

We must bear in mind that we can use the embedded JDK that we have in the installation of Android Studio:

That is usually on the route:

\ Android Studio \ jre

or choose not to use the one installed by Android Studio and use the one we installed from Oracle site :

we can find the path as defined in JAVA_HOME of environment variables.

If you can not find it, we can add it in the following way:

  • Go to team properties (Right click on 'Team', press the 'Properties' option)
  • Select 'Advanced system settings' > 'Advanced options' > 'Environment variables' > In user variables, 'New ...' and there as a name write JAVA_HOME and in its value, the location address of the jdk file already installed, whose installer can be downloaded from here
answered by 26.09.2016 / 01:12