Cordova - Is it possible to send push notifications, keeping the app completely closed, without running?


I'm in full development of an app in Cordova (Android + iOS), and I need to run a series of push notifications, sent from the server. These should work when the app is running in the background, or the device blocked, or directly with the app without running completely closed. Is there a possibility?

asked by Niko Storti 30.12.2016 в 16:09

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Responding to your question: If it is possible to receive push notifications when the application is closed (iOS and Android).

Currently Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is not working , its replacement is Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) , and with FCM, push notifications work very well on Android as well as on iOS.

The plugin that I use for Push notifications with FCM is cordova-plugin-fcm

answered by 30.12.2016 в 16:37

Yes, it is possible.

It is the server who is responsible for sending push notifications to the devices, you must be clear that for that, in your database should be saved the deviceToken in the case of iOS and the regid in the Android case so that, when a notification occurs, know who should send it.

answered by 30.12.2016 в 17:07