Alternative to SQLFiddle


The page link currently does not allow creating tables, who knows any alternative to this page?

The issue has already been reported to the developer team of sqlfiddle, but it still has not been solved, for that reason I am now asking for an alternative to SQLFiddle.

Reference: Why can not I create the table in the sqlfiddle? .

asked by Goerman 04.01.2016 в 17:44

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If your database is Oracle you can use Oracle Apex , to start with the following steps

  • Select Free Workspace
  • Select Application Development
  • Fill in the registration data
  • You will receive an email to access your account
  • Enter SQL Workshops
  • Now you can create tables, make queries and even execute scripts, all in a web environment and with a reasonable amount of storage space for testing.

    answered by 04.01.2016 в 18:20