Error converting to list in WCF


This is my code:

My service implementation .svc

  public List<string> getClientes()
        using (var context = new Model.CivarTransporteModelContainer())
            return context.Cliente.Select(x => x.CLNombre).ToList();

My service interface .cs

    List<string> getClientes();

Web application

if (Request.QueryString["getClientes"] != null)

            CivarTransporteService.View.CatalogsService wsclient = new CivarTransporteService.View.CatalogsService();
            List<CivarTransporteService.View.CatalogsService> clientList =wsclient.getClientes().ToList();


I'm having an error in the = wsclient.getClientes().toList(); part

Cannot implicitly convert type System.Collections.Generic.List<string> to
asked by jm167 21.01.2016 в 22:14

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You are returning a list of type List<string> which when you receive the data in the web application, you are storing them in a list of type List<CivarTransporteService.View.CatalogsService> generating the error by type, you should receive the data in a list of type List<string> .


answered by 21.01.2016 в 22:18

Is that you're trying to assign a List<string> returned by getClientes() to a list of CatalogsService

You should check the assignment of data types

The correct thing would be

List<string> clientList = wsclient.getClientes();

Note: the .ToList() of the end is not required because getClientes() already returns this type of list

answered by 21.01.2016 в 22:18