Change color the title of the AppBar


please I need help I can not change the color of the title of the appBar, in mine it turns black and I would like to change it white .. in this case I am using a toolbar try it with everything I put <item name="colorAccent">#FFFFFF</item> the accent to myma but does not change it .. I also did it by code toolbar.setTitleTextColor(Color.parseColor("#FFFFFF")); I did not change it and I also did it by xml but none works.

asked by Gunnar 30.03.2016 в 13:48

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use setTitleTextColor() ,

Defining the color hex, for example


Here it is important to add the Alpha (transparency), because if you do not have it, you may have problems changing the color of a previously defined one.

A defined color can be loaded in the SDK:


You can also load a hex code into string and pause it to convert it to Color:


answered by 30.03.2016 / 17:49