Considerations for using the library (PHPMailer) with LGPL license


Will they know that I have to consider to use the PHPMailer library that is under the LGPL license, in a system that will be commercialized? I read the documentation of the license ( link ), but I have the doubt if it is enough to include the file License so you can use the library in the project that is intended to be commercialized. Thank you in advance.

asked by Antonio Perez 04.06.2016 в 03:04

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Short answer:


You can use the PHPMailer library freely for your projects   commercial.

Long answer:


The LGPL is intended as a license for software libraries.


The basic idea is that the library remains as free software.


Without   However, can be used in commercial applications even if it is not   free to use.


The source code of the LGPL licensed library must be   available for licensees.

answered by 04.06.2016 / 15:18