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I'm doing an app in Spanish with swift2, but there are things that come out in English like for example when I use the camera from the app it says "Take photo".

How can I change the language to Spanish?

asked by Alex B 01.07.2016 в 12:10

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It also happened to me, but I have solved it changing the title programmatically, I'll give you an example:

self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem.title = "Aceptar"

To change the language when the contextual menu of the camera comes out, you can change it from the following form:

1- You create a file called: Localizable.strings

2- Add the original phrase and the translation


"Choose From Library" = "Coger de la libreria";
"Take Photo" = "Sacar foto";
"Cancel" = "Cancelar";

The information I got from here

answered by 01.07.2016 / 12:19