Python. Store values in a dictionary


Imagine that in an experiment a participant draws a signal:

Senal1_part1 = random.choice("ABCD")

Senal1_part2 = random.choice("ABCD")

I create a dictionary where I want to store the signals that that participant will observe throughout the experiment. I want the assigned signal to be added with value 1 to the dictionary.

Memoria_part2 = {"A":0, "B":0, "C":0, "D":0}

How can I store the value in the dictionary?

asked by pyring 13.12.2016 в 01:45

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To refer to a key of a dictionary, you just have to do:


If every time a signal comes out you want to add 1 to the value of that key in the dictionary you just have to do:

diccionario[clave] += 1

For example:

import random

Memoria_part2 = {"A":0,"B":0,"C":0,"D":0}

for n in range(10):
    Senal1_part2= random.choice("ABCD")
    Memoria_part2[Senal1_part2] += 1




{'D': 2, 'B': 0, 'A': 6, 'C': 2}

answered by 13.12.2016 / 02:12