Various doubts with div [closed]


I have a page where the header and footer are always static, just change the body when you press a few buttons.

The fact is that I have the main page, I need to make the different divs of the content I want to change.

I have two questions:

  • How do I make a div or another appear when I press a button?

  • Do I create all the div's in the same index.html or do I create each html file and put the content of what I want to come out instead of all the div's in the same index.html?

  • asked by Cucumberita 17.06.2016 в 11:23

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    You can add all the div in the same .html file and then with jquery you can make them appear and disappear whenever you want. I'll give you an example:

        $("p").hide();//Esta función oculta la etiqueta p
        $("p").show();//Esta función muestra la etiqueta p

    I hope it works

    answered by 17.06.2016 / 11:36

    You must create the div in the same html, with different ID name, then by jquery, you can indicate through the button the div to show or to hide. HTML

    <div class="btnmenu" id="menua">            
                    <div style="cursor:pointer;border:none;"><h2><img class="img" id="imga" src="imagenes/mas.png"/><h2>&nbsp;TITULO</h2></div>
                <div id="obsa" class="obs"  style=" display:none;">
                <div class="btnmenu" id="menub">            
                    <div  style="cursor:pointer;border:none;"><h2><img class="img" id="imgb" src="imagenes/mas.png"/><h2>&nbsp;TITULO</h2></div>
                <div id="obsb" class="obs"  style="display:none;"> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    THE JS would be

  , 1);
            $("img.img").attr("src","imagenes/mas.png" );
            if (valor=="imagenes/mas.png")
                $("img#img"+id).attr("src","imagenes/menos.png" );
                $("img#img"+id).attr("src","imagenes/mas.png" );
    answered by 17.06.2016 в 14:02