Return Object JSON in Java


I have a layer repository in my application Java that has a method to return all the authors:

public Stream<Author> getAllAuthors() {
    return, true);  

And I have another layer controller that works as Endpoint that calls this method to see all the authors through the URL :

 @RequestMapping(value = "/authors", method = RequestMethod.GET, produces =  MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE) 
 public Stream<Author> sampleExampleGet() throws IOException {
     return this.authorsManager.getAllAuthors(); 

I need to return a JSON object with the authors, but the answer I get is the following:

  "parallel": true

I have imported the following dependencies to transform objects to JSON


The problem that in Endpoint I do not know how to return a JSON .

asked by charli 27.07.2018 в 17:08

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My advice is to transform the Stream to a List:

@RequestMapping(value = "/authors", method = RequestMethod.GET,
    produces =  MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE) 
public List<Author> sampleExampleGet() throws IOException {
     return this.authorsManager.getAllAuthors().collect(Collectors.toList()); 

In fact, I would modify the method (of the Service?) so that it does not create the Stream:

public List<Author> getAllAuthors() {
    return authorRepository.findAll();

And it would directly return that result.

answered by 27.07.2018 / 17:16