Android studio emulator in AMD FX


Can you run the Android Studio emulator on AMD FX processors?

At the beginning it gave me errors of the type:


Intel HAXM is required to run this AVD.   Your CPU does not support required features (VT-x or SVM)

Investigating I have realized that HAXM is an Intel technology, in AMD its equivalent is AMD-V, but looking on the internet I have seen this thread: Intel's HAXM equivalent for AMD on Windows OS where it says that is only supported on linux . p>

I have also tried to change the X86 emulator to ARMEABI:

This way no longer generates errors and launches the emulator, but does not finish executing:

I left more than half an hour and it does not execute, it stays like the previous image.

At the moment I'm running the applications from my physical mobile, what do you recommend?

asked by nachfren 10.07.2016 в 15:08

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Well, I've found a solution: Genymotion , I guess most of you already know it. For those who do not, it is an emulator that allows us to configure real market phones, samsung, htc, sony ... etc.

The fact is that it helps us solve the problem:

Download and installation of Genymotion

1 - Go to the page and download the program and install it, there is a free version, I guess it will be limited to non-commercial use.

2 - When the installation is finished, enter your username and password that you have filled out on your website:

3 - Now click on add and choose an emulator you will see that is downloaded and installed.

Android Studio settings

For this section I relied on an English video: genymotion plugin installation

1 - In android studio we go to File / Settings / Plugins / Browse repositories ... We search for Genymotion and install, it will ask us to reinstall the IDE.

If everything went well, the following window will appear:

In my case it has not been like that, I do not know why, but in order to use the emulator we just have to open the Genymotion program and run the emulator we created before:

Having the emulator running we execute our project in Android Studio:

As seen in the previous image, we recognize the device as if it were connected to the PC.

answered by 16.07.2016 / 17:21