You can convert a jquery mobile application into an Android or IOS apk


I'm doing a moblie app using jquery mobile but I intend to convert it into a native apk. What is the most effective way to do it?

asked by Josue Gonzalez 23.08.2016 в 22:37

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It seemed to me that this question had been answered but I did not find results. There are several tools to do this but the best option would be to develop it with Apache Cordoba


Other options:

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If what you want is to convert your web site into a .apk or .ipa there are some services that can do it (I would not recommend it is best done with a framework designed for this) ...


answered by 23.08.2016 в 23:00

One solution is to use Intel XDK, arguably Apache Cordoba's front-end.

answered by 23.08.2016 в 23:42