Alternatives to Eclipse to develop in J2EE [closed]


Some time ago I am looking for a solid alternative to Eclipse to develop on J2EE, since at certain moments Eclipse is somewhat "erratic" (failures, corruption, ...) especially when you try to work with a J2EE server How can Wildfly be?

To be more specific as to what I require:

  • You need to support working directly with J2EE (Wildfly) servers
  • That has commercial support, where to support us
  • Allow extensions / plugins or unless we can develop these extensions

What IDE do you know that meets these points?

asked by Taber 10.12.2015 в 15:40

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For the development with Java there are several alternatives on the market:


It is a good IDE for the development of graphic environments with java, but you can also develop it in other languages such as PHP, Ruby, etc.


Maintained with Oracle, it has an excellent integration with this database engine, mono-language, it has code analysis tools such as ER diagram design, UML.

IntelliJ IDEA

De Pago

An excellent competition for Netbeans, it is a multilanguage IDE, it has tools to improve productivity.


Android Studio is based on this Editor


This IDE is based on eclipse, has 3 editions:

  • Enterprise (The most complete, oriented to the development on JEE)
  • Professional
  • Developer
answered by 15.12.2015 / 21:47

You can use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition .

Pro's: meets all the requirements you ask for, and the truth is that working with this IDE is a joy, it's robust , it has very good integration of plugins, this is almost everything you need in the base version and gives infinity of helps when producing code clean quickly .

Problem: the version that supports JavaEE is paid and you only have 30 days of free trial.

answered by 15.12.2015 в 17:40

A good free alternative from my point of view is Netbeans , you do not stick with the modules because you already have everything integrated, you have good documentation. It makes my job easier for me. You can also download only the version that contains Java EE.

answered by 10.12.2015 в 15:43

As several colleagues indicate in fact there are many IDE s para poder desarrollar no solo en J2EE si no que la mayoria de ellos se adapta para J2SE, sin embargo desde mi punto de vista eclipse es de los mejores IDE s for the development of applications in Java because it is too complete and helps a lot to the rapid development of applications saving the development time, because if we compare it with other IDE's for example NetBeans this uses too many resources of the machines and if we compare it with others like JCreator or IntellingenJ the development of applications is very cost speaking in terms of time. I very much agree that many times eclipse is locked or send several errors but it has worked enough to close and open it again. I hope my comment has been of contribution. I can recommend these java courses link

answered by 15.12.2015 в 22:32

Although you indicate that you are looking for something different, maybe I would advise you to use Eclipse with JBoss Tools , since this is something you already know. With JBoss Tools you'll have easy integration with Wildfly, and if you need any commercial support, both Jboss Tools and Wildfly are Red Hat products, so you could pay for support.

answered by 15.12.2015 в 22:39