Error does not run my application in android studio [closed]


I am studying Android basic and when I try to run my application I get this error.


Runnig app error: Gradle project sync failed, please fix your project   and try again

Note: I have the java jdk 7

and I'm on windows 8

asked by Sommer 10.10.2016 в 10:35

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That question is very open, it can be anything, what I have to say is that you open the SDK manager and update / download all existing and missing packages, restart Android Studio and recompile your project.

If it's not resolved, you can try using the latest Gradle version:

  • Go to their official website and download the latest version .
  • Once downloaded you extract it in the place you like, for example C: // Android / Gradle .
  • Open your project in Android Studio and go to File-> Settings-> Gradle .

  • Select Use local Gradle distribution and choose the folder where the Gradle you decompressed is located and restart your project.

Success! : D

answered by 10.10.2016 в 16:27