What gem can I use to validate users on my website?


What gems can I use to validate users on my website? Or is it possible with pure ruby?

With php or jsp I used javascript, but in ruby I do not know if you can

asked by Sommer 08.10.2016 в 15:45

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You can use the gem Devise , add it to your Gemfile by putting gem 'devise'

answered by 11.10.2016 в 18:29

Hello Sommer the gems are exclusively from Ruby On Rails, Ruby framework, because you want to program in Ruby native? If it is web what programs, you should do it in Rails

answered by 08.10.2016 в 19:06

The most used of course is Devise, you can accompany it with Cancan if you have some Roles / Privileges for certain types of users, if your app is a bit more complex I advise you to use these three:

Devise: Documentation

Cancan: Documentation

Rolify: https: //github.com/RolifyCommunity/rolify (Will not let me insert more than two links in the stack, Sorry).

If you only need a Login, use Devise.


answered by 13.10.2016 в 00:03