How to create a JDBC pool connection in glassfish?


Greetings to all, I'm trying to create a jdbc pool connection mysql from glassfish, but at the time of creating it, it sends me the following error

I do not know what to do to solve it, I hope you help me

asked by Andres Echeverry 10.10.2016 в 03:52

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Lately I have had problems with GF when using the administration console to create resources but, the console continues working and ultimately it ends up being much faster to configure the connection pool in this way.

Considering that glassfish is part of the environment variables path , in my case it was add: C: \ Program Files \ glassfish-4.1.1 \ bin; to that variable for to be able to use asadmin from anywhere.

The command console opens, and with the command:

asadmin add-resources [ruta/a/proyect/xxx/glassfish-resources.xml]

This command immediately creates us both the connection pool and the datasource .

answered by 04.01.2017 / 21:58