Difference between bserverside with aserverside and serverSide of Datatables


Good, what is the difference in datatables when you set bserverSide or aServerSide or simply serverSide, since on a computer it shows me the result of the datatable if I use the bserverside, but already on another computer with its own local server, it is not necessary to put aserverSide or bServerSide, is sufficient with serverSide, and shows the results, is there any difference between those datatables commands or is it due to some configuration in the apache server ???

asked by SergioDen Almendras 16.09.2016 в 00:02

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Depends on the version of DataTables you are using.

bserverSide was used it seems to me until version 1.9. Now use serverSide .

It is possible that the current version still supports bserverSide for a backward compatibility theme.

Regarding aserverSide I had never seen it. If it existed in an earlier version, I guess it will have converged to serverSide as well.

answered by 21.03.2017 в 19:23