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I have a server with windows server 2008 in which I have a non-ip address, because I do not have a fixed ip, I hired a domain and now I need to redirect that domain to my non-ip address, I understand that configuring the host records is solved, but it has not worked for me, maybe I do not do it the right way.

In the domain administador, 3 options appear, one with "*", another with "@" and one more with "www", in the 3 options I put the url of no-ip of type cname, but in instead of showing me the page that should, the non-ip, shows me the iis of the server. I hope you explained to me

What configuration should I set to work properly?


asked by elchente23 26.08.2016 в 19:17

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If it shows you the IIS of the server, then it is well configured because you access the server, however to see the site correctly you must work on your server:

Now let all the traffic that enters your URL go directly to the route where you have your project, for this you need the following:

1-Right click on the 'Sites' folder and select 'Add New Site'.

2-Give the site a name - I usually give it the domain name, although you can choose the one you want, for example:

3. Next, you will have to assign the site a physical path to the folder on the computer in order to host the files on the site. In general, the folder is always saved in the InetPub file under the wwwroot directory, that is: C: \ inetpub \ wwwroot \ In this way I can keep all my sites hosted in a single folder under the domain name of the site.

4-Finally, you will have to assign a host name. This is the part that can confuse people. Host names are those that IIS uses to link incoming orders to the actual physical files on the site. For example, if you make a request, as soon as the site arrives at the server, it passes to the Host Name, which IIS uses to find the appropriate files on the server. You must have a hostname configured for and also for It is a frequent forgetting and then people wonder why the www version of the site does not work. You should also keep in mind that host names are unique, you can not have two sites with the same host names on a single server.

5- After having configured these parameters, you will be ready to start the Site and select OK. Below you will see a screenshot that illustrates my own configuration:

Reference: link

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