How do I send the data of a form (symfony) and capture it in java (Spring)?


Good morning. I have a web application made with symfony2 (php), in which I have a form with some data, which I want to send to my other web application made with spring (java). What technology and / or technologies should I use to achieve this communication?

Note: In the application that I have with spring I have REST services, I can not create another service for communication, since all those services I have protected, and if I create one to achieve the connection that I mentioned, the application would be vulnerable, since I would have to make a protection exception for that service. For which I need another way to achieve this communication.

Thank you in advance.

asked by devjav 14.07.2016 в 00:49

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You have two options:

  • Consuming rest services from the server with curl (this library makes work easier)
  • Consume services from the client with javascript .
  • answered by 18.08.2016 в 22:27