Error adding references to my Web project


Good morning,

I have a project in Visual Studio 2012 (Web Site made in visual basic), which, by updating the references (dll), were changed.

The web application worked fine, but when the dll was changed, the references stopped working. Here I mention that the new references are made to 64 bit and the previous ones are made to 32.

The error that appears is the following:


namespace or type specified in the name of the   reference > does not contain any public member.

My question is, if it is necessary to compile 64 bit ?, and how do I configure my environment to be able to do it?

Any help I thank you very much.

asked by Edgar Conrado 13.06.2016 в 23:34

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well as you mention that they were replaced by update an error may be that the .Net Framework are different, this can sometimes cause you to not recognize anything within the .dll.

If you have access to the .dll code. Open the projects from visual, go to properties and the version of the framework used will appear in a dropdownlist. If they are different you should assign them to the one used by the .dll


answered by 15.07.2016 в 16:43

If the DLL's have been modified, it has to be re-imported.

  • In the project see References
  • Right Click and Add Reference
  • On the screen select Browse ...
  • Select the new DLLs (regardless of where they are)
  • If it still does not work, go to any function that calls the DLLs and press ALT + ENTER and select the using .
  • answered by 15.06.2016 в 13:13