can not accommodate array VB.NET


Because it does not fit my records customerClient - customerName, this is my array in VB.NET

    Dim a As String
    a = Request.Form("numeroCliente")
    Dim b As String
    b = Request.Form("nombreCliente")

    Dim numeroCliente(,) As String = {{a} , {b}}

    For Each valor As String In numeroCliente

        For Each valor1 As String In numeroCliente

        Response.Write("El valor es numeroCliente " & valor & "nombreCliente" & valor1 )

places it this way

What I'm trying to do is to retrieve data that is in the rows of a table in an array to be able to insert them into a DB table

asked by Ivxn 27.05.2016 в 00:12

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You are traveling badly, with For Each you will travel sequentially, there is no way of saying what dimension to go through.

You should do it in the following way:

For x As Integer = 0 To numeroCliente.GetLength(0) - 1
      For y As Integer = 0 To numeroCliente.GetLength(1) - 1
          str = str + " " + numeroCliente(x, y)

With GetLength (num) you get the length of the specified dimension.

answered by 27.05.2016 / 01:05