Apdu for SmartCard T1 protocol


I am developing an application for SmartCard and when I work with the T0 protocol the application runs perfect but for T1 the function SCardTransmit returns me:



My question is: does the vector have the same format for both protocols or does it change the format of the vector?

   public void Trasmision()
        Byte[] vectorSend = { 0x00, 0xa4, 0x04, 0x00, 0x00 };
        UInt32 inT2 = (UInt32)vectorSend.Length; 
        vectorIn = new Byte[254];
        UInt32 inT = (UInt32)vectorIn.Length;
        IntPtr PT1 =GetPciT0() ;
        this.rTransmit = SCardTransmit(this.hContext, GetPciT0(), vectorSend, inT2, request, vectorIn, inT); 
asked by Efrain Mejias C 14.05.2016 в 04:16

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I'm analyzing this implementation

Problems using SCardTransmit from winScard.dll reading a tag 4B

and I can see that it changes as it defines the second parameter

There I see that you use GetProcAddress() with g_rgSCardT1Pci , while in your code you still use GetPciT0() when this should change

scardtransmit (winscard)


Smartcard communication with protocol t1

the same problem of invalid parameters arises, although I'm not sure I understand the answer

Also analyze

A Smart Card Framework for .NET

answered by 14.05.2016 в 06:23