implementation of sweet alert in an @ html.ActionLink


I need my @Html.ActionLink(); to execute a onclick() and then I run the driver that I send as overload this is what I have.

@Html.ActionLink("Delete", "DeleteMunicipality", new { id = item.MunicipalityId }, new { @class = "btn btn-danger", onClick = "swal({   title: 'Are you sure?',   text: 'You will not be able to recover this imaginary file!',   type: 'warning',   showCancelButton: true,   confirmButtonColor: '#DD6B55',   confirmButtonText: 'Yes, delete it!',   closeOnConfirm: false }, function(){   swal('Deleted!', 'Your imaginary file has been deleted.', 'success');});" })'
asked by Kmiilo Berrio Montoya 10.06.2016 в 19:15

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If the ActionLink () makes a submit to the server what you have executed in the client, you would not have any validity, what I would recommend is that you work everything in client code.

You could define a simple link in html and assign jquery to perform the action

<a id="link1" valor="@item.MunicipalityId" >Delete</a>


           //aqui realizas la accion que necesites

           var params = {
              id: $(this).attr('valor');

             type: "POST",
             url: '@Url.Action("Delete", "DeleteMunicipality")',
             data: params,
             datatype: "html",
             success: function (data) {


The idea is that you execute the action you need in the client code and use jquery with $ .ajax invoke the action of the controller

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answered by 10.06.2016 / 21:05