Error with openssl QT


Hello, I get this error with openssl in qt:


libeay32.lib (rand_win.obj): - 1: error: LNK2019: external symbol   __imp__DeleteObject @ 4 unresolved referenced in the _readscreen function

I basically compile in static mode but it always gives me problems the openssl I do not know what to do ..

asked by Mohamed El Alami 30.09.2016 в 21:23

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The error is link. The compiler can not find the library.

You have not added the library to the project. To add an external library to the project you can do the following:

LIBS += -L[path de la librería] -l[nombre de la librería]

If you have already done the above and it does not work, the route may be ill-defined.


answered by 01.10.2016 в 08:56