Doubt with Bitbucket and Android studio


I am working on a project with another person, and we have a bitbucket repository where we are doing the commits, but it turns out that we have a problem, I can not update the code that he modifies on his machine and he can not update the code. that I modify in my machine, when I click the option pull I get the following error


Git Pull Failed


Your local changes would be overwritten by merge. Commit, stash or   revert them to proceed. View them

asked by Nicolas Schmidt 05.04.2016 в 15:50

1 answer


The problem was in the app.iml file, the file (I do not know why) I had it 2 times, then it would throw me error. One of the files is deleted, leaving the other in the same folder and solved.

answered by 06.04.2016 в 14:15