Fatal Wordpress error


I was making changes to my wordpress page, I was updating a plugin and my updates were not saved. Then I tried to get back into the administrator of my page, and I got the following:


Warning: Can not modify header information - headers already sent by   (output started at   /home/content/67/8651767/html/rfoods/wp-content/plugins/a-sub-site-teaser-widget/a-sub-site-teaser-widget.php:1)   in /home/content/67/8651767/html/rfoods/wp-includes/pluggable.php on   line 1228

Can someone tell me how to fix it?

PS: Working with a mac

asked by Adriana P. 30.03.2016 в 23:58

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There are two common reasons for this error, although they are not exhausted here, they are the easiest to diagnose.

Usually it happens because one of the files required by WordPress, either of themes or of plugins, is emitting text although it seems incredible, only to have characters outside the tags

To avoid this, you must first verify that no PHP file has the closing tag ?> at the end. That means that you should not have HTML output, or blank spaces (even a simple line break counts as white space), after closing. For that reason the simplest thing is that no file of functions of the theme or plugins, has the closing ?> at the end, since this only you need it, when later you want to put HTML or text in the browser, but exactly that is what generates the error you see.

The second one is a bit more complicated and it depends a lot that the text editor you are using does not betray you and put (invisible) characters before the <?php tag, because of your error message: output started at ... a-sub-site-teaser-widget/a-sub-site-teaser-widget.php: 1 just that seems to be the case what do you have on line 1 of that file? .

The link suggested by Wilfredo It has more cases, but in essence it is what I indicate, and almost certainly your editor is putting invisible marks before the PHP code and that is why the error. In specific you may have to locate the "Byte Order Mark", and This page (with a tip for Mac) may have the practical solution you're looking for.

answered by 18.08.2016 в 02:07

While you investigate the root cause of the problem, the immediate thing would be to deactivate the plugin to be able to enter the panel.

To force the deactivation you can delete the files of the plugin that throws the error and wordpress will give it for deactivated. Then you can add them again and try again.

answered by 15.02.2017 в 17:47