Symfony3 with NetBeans 8.0 is possible?


I currently use NetBeans to develop with Symfony2 and I want to update to Symfony3 . My Internet connection only allows me to download files of few megabytes, so at this moment I can not download any IDE. The most recent version I have of NetBeans is 8.0 and my question is:

Is it possible to develop in Symfony3 using NetBeans 8.0 ?

Note: I put this question here because I have already searched in google and I have not found an answer. Thanks in advance.

asked by Adriana Hernández 21.07.2016 в 18:19

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As the partner says, for Sf 3.x the NetBeans support seems to be incomplete.

Personally, I would recommend you to try PhpStorm; You'll see that it deserves, and a lot, worth it.


answered by 22.10.2016 в 14:00