Problem with Android Studio, corrupted XML, corrupt layouts, etc.


Good evening / days / Evenings,

I have a serious problem, I was working with Android Studio when the PC was restarted, the problem is that on the way back, nothing works for me, if I open the Values Xml, they appear corrupt, with texts cut in half or as files other files than what he had. With the layouts, the same, I appear as linearlayout, when they were constraintlayout, apart in the preview comes a gray box with the text "keyboard".

The Classes, now changed icon, appear with a "J" (before they appeared with a C) and show many errors of the type "Can not resolve the symbol ...", I imagine that all because it does not recognize or Nothing appears in the layouts.

I tried to reverse the History, but nothing, I continue the same.

I've also deleted the .idea folder and nothing, anyway. Any idea what I can do?

Edit: (Sorry, I posted a new response at first)

This is what I find when I access the layouts:

There are no errors in the XML, but if in Class, I noticed that changing the theme if it looks "better", even though the ActionBar disappeared.

Before the PC restarted, I was testing with different layouts for landscape and other sizes, creating and deleting. I mention it in case anyone knows if the shots can come around.

Thank you and forgive the inconvenience.

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