Problem with react-native-image-picker on ios


I am using this library (react-native-image-picker) in an app that I am developing in the work and I do not finish getting it to work in ios.

When I click on the component button I get the option to choose between the gallery of the iphone and use the camera to get the image, it locks up and leaves the emulator app.

I have followed the tutorial, I have tried several solutions, I have been reviewing the permissions, I can not think of what else I can do.

I put the info.plist

	<string>Would like access to your photo gallery</string>
	<string>Would like to use your camera</string>
	<string>Would like to your microphone (for videos)</string>

Greetings, thank you all

asked by jcanton 04.01.2019 в 13:33

1 answer


I have solved it, updating the library to the latest version.

answered by 04.01.2019 / 14:44